Ventura Design Company is a web design company in Ventura County. We are a small boutique firm offering web design, graphic design, branding, photography and video production services. We have 6 full-time employees and an extensive network of freelance artists and programmers.

Established in 1999, we are known for creativity, collaboration, and customer service. We’ll lead with creative concepts, stand-out design options, compelling content and information architecture that reflect your business.

We listen to your feedback and take your ideas to the next level to create a dynamic web site. We have extensive experience and a total dedication to making it happen, when you want it, how you want it.

Best of all, a team of specialists is assembled to address each client’s specific needs. So you won’t be paying for overhead or services you don’t want. You’ll get a high-quality web site for less money. What could be better?

Just one thing: trust. Our over-arching philosophy is to always do the right thing for each client and their business. Honesty and integrity are our guiding principles. And that’s the truth.